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this life of scars and killing...you have no part in it.

non serviam

19 July 1989
First off...Sarah enjoys referring to herself in the third person. Generally a lot. She is carrying on a passionate love affair with her mother's biscuits, because they taste like a slice of heaven. And she adores her never-ending supply of notebooks. Right now, she is writing in six of them. Snippets of short stories that tear at her heart and a greedy novel that was mostly started out of amusement.

Lately, she has wonderful days at work, which result in the following phrase:
I'm such a dork!

It brings Sarah great joy to be able to admit this.

She wishes she had all the time in the world to read, but really wants to learn to play piano and is now a beginning vidder. She was inspired by so many other wonderful vidders in the Supernatural fandom that she had to try her hand at the process...we'll see how that turns out.

She's anticipated the release of MOCKINGJAY, but wasn't as satisfied as she thought she would be.

Possibly her favorite writer in the history of ever is Cassandra Clare because she manages to combine mythical creatures, humor, drama, action, adventure, in-depth characters, romance, and fucking crazy twists...thanks a lot. Now I have no reason not to read The Infernal Devices when that begins to be released. Oh, and look, I'm talking in the first person.

I would really like to thank janine42584 for the lovely layout on my journal!